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Google Ranks No. 1 Amongst Malaysia Most Favourite

Consumer Brands According To Superbrands Survey

Superbrands announces Malaysia’s Top Ten Brands from independent

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd December 2013: Google has been ranked as Malaysian consumers’ most favourite brand, according to the latest brand survey from Superbrands  conducted by the research agency BDRC Asia.

The latest findings from Superbrands identified over 650 of Malaysian consumers’ favourite brands across 109 consumer product and service categories. The brands were then ranked according to the greatest number of consumers identifying the brand as their favourite, with the best ranking brands making the Top Ten.

Google narrowly beat local favourite 100PLUS to bag the top spot and was joined in the Top Ten by four other homegrown brands AirAsia, Ogawa, Gardenia and MEPS. (See Chart 1).

Mark Pointer, CEO of Superbrands Malaysia commented, “We commissioned third-party consumer research so that the selection of brands and their subsequent achievement of being recognised as a Superbrand is independent from the Superbrands organisation itself. The fact that these brands have been voted for by Malaysia’s consumers as being their favourite brand, is a testament to the recognition and standing that these brands have in the local market. These are truly exceptional brands that are at the forefront of consumer consciousness.”

Chart 1. Malaysia’s Top Ten Favourite Brands 2013

  1. Google

  2. 100 Plus

  3. Double A

  4. Air Asia

  5. Ogawa

  6. Gardenia

  7. Energizer

  8. Panasonic

  9. Maggi

  10. MEPS

Piers Lee, Managing Director of BDRC added on,“The results of this survey represents a powerful endorsement of the brands and provides evidence of the remarkable standing that these Superbrands have achieved with Malaysian consumers. How a brand resonates with its audience and the extent to which the brand remains relevant in order to maintain brand loyalty is crucial. Great brands such as the brands in the Superbrands top ten list consistently deliver on this and that’s why consumers identify with them and think of them as their favourite brands.”

In addition to identifying Malaysia’s favourite brands, the survey also looked at consumer perceptions of Superbrands in Malaysia, where the logo is widely recognised and has achieved an awareness level of 81%.

The research revealed that the overwhelming majority of Malaysian consumers (80%) believe that a brand displaying the Superbrands logo provides them with assurances on brand reputation and 71% believe that the brand is of better quality than other brands in the same category. Additionally, a staggering 94% of respondents to the survey said that they were more likely to consider buying products and services from a brand that had received endorsement from Superbrands.

Consumers are also more likely (88%) to try new products and services from a brand endorsed by Superbrands, as well as more likely to recommend that brand to another person (86%).

“The research results demonstrate that the Superbrands logo enjoys exceptionally high awareness and recognition in Malaysia that is significantly ahead of other brand recognition programmes in the market. The logo does a lot to build brand equity, mostly in terms of its reputation, and significantly helps a brand to stand out from other brands in the same category. However it is the fact that consumers are much more likely to buy a brand endorsed by Superbrands or recommend it to a friend, that represents a very tangible benefit to brand owners,” added Pointer.

Superbrands is an exclusive programme for established consumer brands. Participation in the Superbrands programme is strictly by invitation only and it provides a Mark of Excellence and recognition that the brand has established the finest reputation in its field. At the same time it acknowledges the significant emotional and tangible benefits that the brand provides its customers and ultimately helps boost their confidence that they are making the right brand choice.

Brands participating in the Superbrands programme are entitled to use the Superbrands logo on their advertising, packaging and other marketing and communications collaterals. The brand’s story is featured in the Superbrands reference book as well as on the Superbrands website.

About the Superbrands Survey

The Superbrands survey was conducted online and consisted of a panel in West Malaysia of 1,500 consumers aged 18 to 55 years. The panel was weighted by age and gender to reflect the profile of Malaysia’s adult Internet population. Consumers were asked to identify their favourite brand in each of the 109 categories.

About Superbrands

Established in 1994 Superbrands is the world's leading international brand marketing and promotional programme that celebrates the best and most valued brands in more than 80 countries around the world. Participation in Superbrands is strictly by invitation only and only qualified brands are eligible for participation. Superbrands Malaysia is under license to SB Marketing Asia Ltd.

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About BDRC Asia

The BDRC Group, including BDRC Asia in Singapore, is a leading B2B market research consultancy. Its 20-year history in undertaking business and consumer surveys covers a range of industries and categories including construction & engineering, transport & distribution, wholesale & retail trade, consumer electronics & household goods, and hotels & hospitality.  Using its advanced data collection resources and network of analysts around the region, it gathers primary and secondary data on business and consumer markets to advise local and multi-national corporations in their market entry strategy, product development, and client relationship management.

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