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Welcome to Superbrands in Singapore. Established in 1994, Superbrands is the world's leading by invitation only brand promotional platform and is today established in more than 80 countries around the world.

The aim of the Superbrands organisation is to raise the awareness of and promote the discipline of branding, as well as to celebrate the success of leading international and local brands.

Participation in Superbrands programmes is strictly by invitation only. Eligible brands are identified by an independent consumer survey or evaluated by an expert panel of marketing, advertising and branding professionals.

Singapore's Superbrands programmes have proven to be outstanding successes. Comprehensive distribution and public relations programmes have built significant business and consumer audiences for all of the participating brands. In 2010, the first Singapore Business Superbrands programme was launched to pay tribute to the country’s strongest business to business brands.

Programme Overview

The Publication

The Publication

The superb Superbrands and Business Superbrands reference book explores the history, development and achievements of many of Singapore’s strongest and most valued consumer and B2B brands. It is an invaluable source of information for anyone who is interested in brands and branding and reveals some extraordinary facts along the way.

Events and Networking

Events and Networking

Members are invited to the Superbrands/Business Superbrands tribute event. The event offers hundreds of marketing professionals the opportunity to celebrate the nation's strongest brands and to meet each other.

PR Activity

PR Activity

Superbrands’ PR team actively promotes the Superbrands programme to the national media and press throughout the 1 year programme. This is undertaken through formal media partnerships, well-established relationships with key journalists and at conferences and trade events.

The Mark of Excellence

The Mark of Excellence

Brands with Superbrands or Business Superbrands status are entitled to use the Superbrands awards seal on their packaging and in their advertising to indicate that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence.


Maximising Superbrands Status

The Superbrands Mark of Distinction

CSB SG Seal 2016

Brands that achieve Superbrands status and become members of Superbrands are entitled to use the Superbrands award logo on their packaging and in their advertising to show customers that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence.

BSB SG 2016

B2B brands that achieve Business Superbrands Status are entitled to use the distinctive platinum logo on their marketing collaterals.

News In Brief

Singapore’s Top Ten Most Respected B2B Brands 2012




3 Microsoft

4 Canon

5 Singtel

6 Singapore Airlines

7 HP

8 Fuji Xerox

9 Starhub

10 DHL

Source: BDRC Asia - Business Superbrands Research 2012
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Expert Opinion

Mark Pointer, CEO, Superbrands Singapore Mark Pointer

A Superbrand is instantly recognisable to its intended target audience and it has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages and benefits over its competitors which they want and recognise. A Superbrand remains true to itself, but at the same time is flexible enough to adapt to changing environments without losing sight of what is at its core.

A Superbrand must represent:

Quality, Trust and Distinction