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Welcome to Superbrands South Africa. We hope you enjoy reading and researching the insights into many of South Africa's strongest brands both in the books and on this site.

South Africa's four volumes have proven to be outstanding successes. Comprehensive distribution and public relations programs have built significant business, marketing and education audiences for the participants. Superbrands South Africa Volume 5 is soon to be written with some very interesting stories of great brands operating in South Africa.

Our thanks are extended to the individuals who make up the Superbrands Council and who contributed their time and energies to qualify the brands invited to participate.

Programme Overview

The Publication

The Publication

As the only book of its kind dedicated exclusively to the country’s leading brands, the Superbrands South Africa Volumes are the local marketing community’s premier source of information on how great brands become Superbrands.

Events and Networking

Events and Networking

Members are invited to the Superbrands Tribute Event. The event offers hundreds of marketing professionals the opportunity to celebrate the nation's strongest brands and to meet each other.

PR Activity

PR Activity

Superbrands’ PR team actively promotes the Superbrands programme to the national and trade press throughout the 18-month programme. This is undertaken through formal media partnerships, well-established relationships with key journalists, via appearances on radio and TV (primarily the SABC, DStv and PrimeMedia) and at conferences, lectures, and trade events.

The Seal of Brand Excellence

The Seal of Brand Excellence

Brands with Superbrands status are entitled to use the Superbrands awards seal on their packaging and in their advertising to indicate that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence.


Maximising Superbrands Status

The Brand Experts' Seal of Brand Excellence

Brands with Superbrands status that choose to feature in the programme are entitled to use the "Superbrands" seal on their packaging and in their advertising to show customers that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence.

The Publication

Superbrands South Africa V4 is in production and will be launched in September 2012.

 Superbrands Volume III

Brand News

Supa Quick, South Africa's largest type dealership, has been ranked as a Superbrand in South Africa for Volume 4 by the independent Superbrands Council.



Council Members

The Council comprises locally based senior executives from the branding, advertising, media, retail, and marketing industries who have agreed to donate some of their valuable time to help us discover which brands will be South Africa's Superbrands.

Grading Criteria

•Market dominance
Does the brand hold a significant share of the market for its goods and / or services?

Does the brand possess or display the qualities and attributes necessary to make it resilient to negative market influences?
Is the brand generally perceived favourably by consumers and is it accepted without question or reservation?
•Customer loyalty
Will the brand’s consumers choose it repeatedly and automatically over competing brands?

•Overall market acceptance

Is the brand a part of every day life for the relevant market segment, and is it automatically on the consumer’s list of choices for that product or service?